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~Note 2017.11.28: the demo file has been archived. Look on steam for the latest demo!~

Not much to do, just see the IM chat and emails are working, with new sound effects, play around a little bit with the command line. (sudo password is 'elite')


NOTE: Not all the screenshot content is in this demo, so exploring won't get you much :( I'll be working on this over the next couple days since the dd13 deadline is extended.

Mainly progress has been about workflow, so now I can transfer a website into the game by just making game files that match the disk files by name, so index.html and css files. It even has a CDN in the game so you don't have to give each website its own copy of jquery (shoutout to the EmbeddedBrowser asset guys on the Unity store)

The other thing is AI, which uses a heavily modified version of SolarWinds Actions, which lets a designer just tell a character to send an email, and the AI will take care of things like starting the email program, creating a draft, and sending it. Sounds easy, but it can be extended to ridiculous lengths like making an NPC have to sit down at its computer first, or go out to the web and download a program before it can use it.. would be a nightmare to script by hand, right?

Next purchase will probably be NodeCanvas so scenarios can be composed at a higher level.

RU, UK, IT- the game lets you cycle through different languages using F4, but they are garbage Google Translate translations so don't do it.

Also the game will attempt to open up its Greenlight page in your Steam when you quit, so brace yourself


This game is currently unavailable

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